Comes with no risk “Lock-in Free” Plan
Hashkon is a new blockchain based cryptocurrency, launching its ICO on its website Hashkon.com in July of this year.
Hashkon is based on a “Hosted Staking” concept, which although recognized in the crypto world, it is not usually the focal point of a platform. Hashkon is taking “Hosted Staking” to the next level of trust, with reasonable returns.
Similar ICO’s focus on the concept of lending and trading. Hashkon, on the other hand, has taken on the challenge to come up with a different concept to assure that an ICO investment doesn’t mean that you are always at risk of losing something.

With the ICO launch, Hashkon will provide its investors 6 million coins of the 28 million maximum supply. Hashkon claims that it solves legal regulations issues imposed by governments by adopting a new feature that is compliant/safe and beyond the gambit of annoying, meddling government agencies.
Hashkon is pioneering three “World’s First” features in ICO history:
Withdrawal Trust: Hashkon has the world’s first ‘Withdrawal Trust’ feature, giving investors the freedom to withdraw from the ICO and get their money back instantly anytime during the ICO (a nominal fee applies).
Lock-in Free Plan: This feature is also a big advantage for investors investing in Hashkon as they can withdraw their funds without any mandatory lock-in period (except initial 7 days) unlike similar staking platforms. Investors are allowed to withdraw their staked funds at any time with even the lowest deposits eligible for withdrawals whenever needed (a nominal fee applies).
Daily Payouts Regardless of Deposit Size: Hashkon offers daily payments to its members regardless of the size of the deposit. This means that users with even the lowest deposits are eligible to withdraw their daily bonus whenever needed (after first 7 days).
Hashkon offers up to a 55% Monthly Bonus under the Platinum Plan.

Hashkon will launch its ICO, offering 1.2 million coins per round in five rounds on the 9th of July 8 AM Eastern Time (GMT-4).
Early investors can purchase HSKN coins during Round 1 at the lowest price of $0.15; Round 2 at $0.19; Round 3 at $0.24; Round 4 at $0.29; and Round 5 at $0.34.
All ICO Rounds will be awarded additional bonus coins. Round 1 investors will receive 30% bonus coins, Round 2 receive 25%, Round 3 receive 20%, Round 4 receive 10%, and in Round 5, the final one, investors will receive a 5% bonus.
Inquiring about his new ICO launch, Brian Kendrick, Hashkon’s CEO, informed us that investors can receive their Hosted Staking bonuses in their desired cryptocurrency.

As of now, Hashkon allows their investors to receive their bonus in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), or Hashkon (HSKN) coins. “We are working to add more coins to our platform in the near future,” stated Mr. Kendrick. He also indicated that complete details can be found on the Hashkon.com website.
As stated by Mr. Kendrick, Hashkon has relied on aggressive but practical marketing strategies to create Brand awareness. Their strategy includes allocating 20% of total ICO profits to marketing.
About the Company
Hashkon Inc, the parent company behind Hashkon (cryptocurrency), launching its ICO on 9th July 2018. People can stake HSKN coins (along with BTC/LTC) through this platform and withdraw their coins at any time.

Hashkon Inc,
2967 Dundas St. W. #654
Toronto Ontario M6P 1Z2
Contact Person: Mr. Brian Kendrick, CEO
Email: admin@hashkon.com

For more information please visit Hashkon ICO.